First trailer revealed for Daniel Radcliffe’s gay film Kill Your Darlings

Allen Ginsberg biopic film documenting his early years at Columbia University will star British boy wizard actor
05 August 2013 | By Joe Morgan
First teaser trailer for Kill Your Darlings has been released.

With a 100% rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes and critics raving at the Sundance Film Festival, the hopes are high for Daniel Radcliffe’s latest offering. Can he once again work his magic playing another boy with glasses?

The British boy wizard actor will be taking on Allen Ginsberg in a film about his life, exploring the gay beat poet’s early years at Columbia University.

The teaser trailer shows a rebellion against a traditional 1944 backdrop, but has not yet revealed any gay scenes.

There is however sexual tension in the odd glance between Radcliffe and fellow cast member Dane DeHaan, who is playing love interest Lucien Carr.

Radcliffe has previously mentioned in interviews there was ‘no discomfort’ when filming the gay scenes [with Dane DeHaan].

He also was known to say he hopes to win the MTV movie award for his gay screen kiss.

He believes Kill Your Darlings will be ‘really cool film for a gay youth to see’ because it will give them a glimpse of the challenges previous generations of LGBT people had to face.

‘Kill Your Darlings’ is set for a limited release in the US on 18 October, and then later in the UK on 8 November.

Check out the teaser trailer for Kill Your Darlings below:

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