India can make a critical difference for sharks

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  August 8, 2013
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Every year, sharks are butchered at an alarmingly high rate for shark fin soup. Their fins are sliced off, and they’re thrown back into the water to die a slow and painful death.


The cruel practice happens everywhere, but India is the second largest shark-catching country and one of the largest exporters of shark fins in the world. That may be about to change, with your help!


Join us today and urge the Indian government to adopt a ban to protect sharks!


We’re not alone in our fight. We have support from local fishing communities that are standing with us to improve shark conservation in India. If successful, this will be a critical step in saving these animals who play a crucial role in ocean ecosystems.

The cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning allows them to be killed in unsustainable numbers—tens of millions—and already endangered sharks are turning up in soup. We must act now to protect sharks, along with the other marine species interdependent on their survival.


Write now: Ask the Indian government to be a hero for sharks.



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