Tell to Take Action to Prevent Bullying and Suicides!

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action alert!
Another teenager has killed herself because of the devastating online bullying that she experienced. The website responsible for countless cases of online abuse must take responsibility.
Please sign the petition today! Tell to Crack Down on Bullying on Their Site!

take action

The owners of spoke out with condolences for the family of 14-year-old Hannah Smith, who hanged herself after being exposed to horrific abuse on their site. But what we need is meaningful action. They must drastically increase their moderation on

The website, which allows children as young as 13 (but with no age verification) to post anonymously has come under fire for fostering an environment where kids can engage in horrific abuse and bullying without any meaningful repercussions. Hannah Smith is just the most recent example of a suicide due to the effects of bulling, and as the main outlet for much of this abuse, has a responsibility to do something about it.

Please sign this petition calling on the owners of to triple their moderation, and include harsh punishment such as IP blocking for anyone who posts hateful or abusive messages.



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