GLBT News, August 22, 2013 (6:30 AM)

UK government: Protections for trans school kids were removed in ‘error’

Following an outrage of the re-introduction of Section 28, it was revealed the Department for Education has also removed the distinct protections given to trans individuals

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Gay couple kicked out of London minicab for holding hands

The UK capital’s biggest minicab firm is under fire after a driver allegedly called a gay couple ‘dirty’ for being intimate in his car

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Glee star Jane Lynch: Cory Monteith tribute episode is ‘beautiful’

Lesbian actress has praised the script for the tribute episode and thanked the writers of Glee

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Hoax: Arizona schools will not be using gay-to-straight programs

Fake story goes viral claiming ‘gay cure’ therapy will be made mandatory in Arizona schools

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Christian radio host: Gays are empty inside, try to absorb other personalities

Mission America’s Linda Harvey has said on her controversial radio show that gay people are empty inside

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Ban on Malaysia’s LGBT festival upheld by Appeals Court

Malaysia’s Court of Appeals has sided with the authorities who banned the annual LGBT Seksualiti Merdeka festival in 2011 but say the ban on the event was only for that year

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Melbourne to host LGBT and intersex rights Australian Election forum

Three Australian LGBT and intersex rights groups have teamed up to make sure voters know where political parties stand on their issues and will host a public forum where people can question party representatives

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Anti-gay Republican who crashed into boat full of children arrested for dangerous driving

An anti-gay Maryland Republican who claimed gays were a threat to children and then crashed his boat into a boat full of children has been arrested for drunk and dangerous driving just under a year later

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Majority of Taiwanese now support same-sex marriage, poll finds

According to new polling, 53% of people in Taiwan support same-sex couples being allowed to marry, with support far higher than that still among people under 30

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The Supreme Court of Minnesota finds HIV positive man should not have been convicted for spreading disease

Lambda Legal claims when charges were brought against HIV defendant James Rick the state misapplied  its communicable disease law

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Miss Universe pageant decries anti-gay laws and violence in Russia but won’t move from Moscow

More than 28,000 people have signed signature asking that November event be held somewhere else

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Actor Wentworth Miller comes out publicly as gay man, rejects invite to film festival in Russia

Actor-screenwriter starred in US television series Prison Break

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Gays not ready for their close up when it comes to major Hollywood films

GLAAD report shows six major movie studios all but ignoring LGBT characters

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Gay cycle duo finish 200 mile Pride Ride from London to Manchester

Jeremy Joseph and Chris Jepson cycled through the night to complete the journey in 24 hours and raise money for Elton John AIDS Foundation

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Lance Bass addresses rampant ‘NSYNC reunion rumors – doesn’t help clear them up

‘That would be an amazing, amazing time’

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Reporter wears ‘gay pride’ suspenders on Russian TV to protest propaganda laws

Must watch video: US pundit gets cut off by network after he tries to speak out against the rising homophobia in Russia

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Utah book publisher pulls novel because author is gay

Author who insisted on being open about his sexuality on his book biography has his upcoming book release canceled

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Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years in prison

US Wikileaks soldier was found guilty of 20 crimes, including six violations of the Espionage Act, under Obama’s crackdown of media leaks

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Gay man held under Terrorism Act sues UK government

Partner of journalist who exposed mass email surveillance was detained for over nine hours at Heathrow airport

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Londoners plan protest against Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ laws

UK gay rights activists plan another protest urging PM David Cameron to confront Putin at G20 Summit

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