That’s what I felt when I learned that Stephen Harper was shutting down Parliament once again – this time until October.

It seems that he’ll do anything to dodge the Senate scandal – anything to duck questions about Pamela Wallin’s expenses and the secret cheque his advisor wrote to Mike Duffy.

Stephen Harper must be hoping that things will blow over before he has to face Tom Mulcair in Question Period again.

But we’re not going to let that happen.

We’re using every tool we can find to hold these Conservatives to account. And I’m asking you to get on board – donate $5 or more today and help New Democrats keep the pressure on Harper.

Did you know this is the fourth time Stephen Harper has shut down Parliament? He seems to do it every time he finds himself in a tough spot.

And we’ve all learned what Stephen Harper does when he’s cornered. First he runs. Then he regroups. Then he comes back hard – on the offensive.

So what’ll it be this time? More partisan attack ads? We know something’s coming, and we need to be ready.

Please make a donation today. Don’t let Harper change the channel. Help us keep the focus where it belongs:


Canadians need to know exactly what role the Prime Minister’s Office played in the Senate scandal. And the only way we’ll get answers is by keeping the pressure on.

Let’s work together to get the job done.

Charlie Angus
MP, Timmins – James Bay
Canada’s New Democrats



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