Speak Out Against Tar Sands

First, huge swaths of Canada’s boreal forests are ripped up, exposing the bare earth. Then, giant trucks dig up thousands of tons of soil and dump 11 million litres of toxic water per day. This water collects in lethal ponds that kill birds that land on them. This is what it takes to produce tar sands oil.

Tell Prime Minister Harper’s government to listen to the voices of thousands of Canadians and put an end to this horrific industrial process.

Harper is dead-set on tearing up Canada’s boreal forests and turning the country into a fossil fuel-powered wasteland. He’s done everything he can to silence his opponents in public hearings on tar sands development. But we’ve had enough. Stand with thousands of Canadians in calling on Harper’s government to protect our freedom of speech and stop silencing opponents of tar sand development.

We need to fight for our forests, not for corporate profit. We need to speak out for free speech. We need to make sure we preserve the Canada we know and love, not Harper’s dystopian wasteland. With your support, we can win this fight.



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