Breaking: 102 dogs rescued

HSI Puppy
Rescued dogs find hope. Credit: M. Bernard/HSI.

Today, we helped the Montreal SPCA and Quebec government save more than 100 dogs and puppies from horrendous conditions in a commercial breeding facility.

The dogs and puppies were housed in barren, metal cages and denied the most basic of their needs. Inside, the smell of ammonia was so strong, I found it hard to breathe. It broke my heart to see these precious dogs trapped in these terrible conditions. Even worse to know that many had likely been there for years. But thanks to you, our animal rescue team carried these desperate dogs, one by one, out of that horrible place to freedom. Then we transported them to a shelter where they are finally receiving the love and attention they so deserve.

Please help us shut down cruel puppy mills that put profits above animal welfare. Make an urgent gift today.

It means everything to me that we’ve been able to rescue these dogs from the miserable conditions they had to endure for so long. But thousands of other dogs are still suffering, trapped in puppy mills across Canada

A generous supporter has already made a donation of $50,000 to our partner organization, Friends of HSI, to help stop puppy mills. Our goal is to raise a total of $70,000. To meet this challenge and give more dogs in Canada a chance at a better life, we need your help, too.

Please make an emergency gift today of $20, $30, $100, or whatever you can spare, to help reach our goal of $20,000 for our Stop Puppy Mills Campaign. Or, consider becoming a monthly donor and know you’ll provide ongoing support to save dogs like the ones we rescued today.

Looking into the eyes of these deserving dogs, I promise HSI/Canada won’t stop until we make puppy mills history. Together, we can shut them down forever.

Sincerely,  Rebecca Aldworth
Rebecca Aldworth
Executive Director
Humane Society International/Canada



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