Ramble in the Bramble

Friday, Sept. 6, 6 pm
Alfred H. Savage Centre – 13204 Fox Drive
Join the Edmonton Arts Council and the artist-creators of Ramble in the Bramble for an evening of art and music in Edmonton’s River Valley! This event celebrates the opening of this exciting transitory art installation. Set amongst the flora and fauna of Whitemud Creek Park,
Ramble in the Bramble features seven works by eight Edmonton artists.
They are:
Alma Visscher
Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
Jes McCoy
Leslie Sharpe
Sherri Chaba
Amy Malbeuf
Rachelle Bowen & Mackenzy Albright
Experimental sound artists Nulle Part (Jason Troock and Ben Good) have created a soundscape for download to accompany your rambles.
The evening includes:
6:00 pm – Guided Tour
7:30 pm – Live Performance by Nulle Part
Catering by the Elm Cafe

>> Visit the facebook event for more information…



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