Visualeyez: Vulnerability

  • Find the full details and schedule at

    Founded and curated by Todd Janes, Visualeyez creates opportunities for artists and audiences to experiment and interact with an array of performance artists of various approaches to interdisciplinary and time-based art. Each year, the festival has a curatorial theme that critically investigates relevant aspects or issues of contemporary culture.

    This September, for one week, Latitude 53 invites performance artists from around Canada and abroad to downtown Edmonton to make work, connect with audiences, and explore the theme of Vulnerability. From September 9–15, at the gallery and in the streets of Edmonton, artists Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte (Vancouver), Emma-Kate Guimond (Montreal), Sara French (Edmonton), Jeff Huckleberry (Boston), Grey Muldoon (Toronto), and Corporal Outis (New York) will perform projects approaching the idea of Vulnerability from multiple angles. Additionally, the festival includes an online component as festival animator Joshua Schwabel will further explore the work and form connections between the artists’ projects while documenting the festival online.



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