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September 9, 2013
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Stop the slaughter

Dog meat survivorsEvery week, thousands of horses are killed in Canadian slaughterhouses to provide horse meat to European and Asian countries. This fall, MP Alex Atamanenko has the opportunity to move forward his Bill C-322, that would put an end to the cruel horse meat industry in Canada. Contact your MP»

Victory in India

NFACCIndia, ranked second in the world for number of sharks caught each year, has issued a new law to protect sharks. The policy is a strong tool in the fight to end shark finning, a cruel pratcice where fishermen cut off the fins of the still-living animals, and leave them to die a slow and painful death. Why this matters» 

Their suffering is over

Last week, in coordination with Manila police and Network for Animals, HSI rescued 11 dogs destined for slaughter. We found them crammed into a small cage — two were nursing puppies. Your support makes it possible for us to keep fighting the cruel dog meat trade. In safe hands»

What's new
Feeding animals in Egypt

Google Mexico ditches battery cages

Take Action
Ask your MP to stop horse slaughter

Take action to fight the dog meat trade

Protect other animals from cruelty

Become a Street Dog Defender



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