LGBT rights: Christians twisting logic

Jillian Page, Canada
September 5, 2013 by jillianpage

I find it amusing — actually, pathetic — that some writers in the United
States are crying “discrimination against Christians!” over recent
court/labour rulings in that country that found some businesspeople
discriminated against clients on the basis of sexual orientation. In other
words, the guilty parties — citing their religious beliefs — refused to
serve gay clients. Christian writers are saying, essentially, that not
allowing these businesses to discriminate against customers is, in fact,
discrimination against the businesspeople. Sigh . . . Talk about perverse,
twisted logic.

The law in those jurisdictions is clear: Business cannot discriminate
against people. Period. Sexual orientation, race, religion, gender identity
etc. are all irrelevant. Everyone must be served equally. If a
businessperson cannot abide by the rules, then they should find another
line of work that won’t conflict with their religious beliefs.

Christians are not being discriminated against or persecuted in these
cases. They broke the law or labour rules that all businesses must follow.

Meanwhile, Christians need to face reality: Not everyone thinks the Bible
is the word of God, so Christians should stop spouting Bible quotes and
wagging their fingers at everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs — which a
lot of people think is just superstitious nonsense written by ignorant
people thousands of years ago.


http://jillianpage. com/2013/ 09/05/lgbt- rights-christian s-twisting- logic/



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