Beliefs hazardous to World Health

(Sam Harris)
Beliefs hazardous to World Health (
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I generally spend a good deal of time and effort suggesting folks would do well to retire many of their absolutist and fundamentalist religious views, for those more psychologically healthy views of human spirituality, and morality.  Based on those innate human values we share with virtually all other human beings on the planet.

I am generally less strident in pointing out what I consider to be the underlying importance of affecting this change.  For the future welfare of mankind, and the fact that we continue to push our luck – as a species – in failing to judiciously retire our more stridently fundamentalist belief systems.  Especially given the weapons of mass destruction, and means of technology at the hands of what can increasingly be seen, as vying religious belief systems.

Sam Harris – many of you are no-doubt familiar with the name – delivered one of the best, most concise, less than 30 minute talks, dealing with these issues, at Toronto’s Idea City symposium, back in 2005.

While pointing out the absurdities often involved, he more importantly points to the crippling effects that being forced to bow to the constraints of religious fundamentalism, of all kinds – and Christian fundamentalism, in particular – is having on our ability to discuss things rationally, and bring about needed change.  Ideas both religious and non-religious folks need to really think about.
[Like a TED Talk in Toronto – 2 Parts]

Sam Harris: Idea City ’05  [1of 2] _ 14 1/2 min

Sam Harris: Idea City ’05  [2 of 2] _ 8 min

This article re-posted, courtesy of Donnie Hosie, and The Salt Lake Daily Issue.


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