clarify my prior comment on the Charter of Values

I want to clarify my prior comment on the Charter of Values, where I described it in the extreme negative. Some people seem surprised that I would be against something so ‘secular’.

I don’t agree that the Charter of Values (so called) is really about secularism. I am all for secularism, on the contrary of what this Harper Government is doing right now. Harper for example until a few years ago had Stockwell Day as Public Safety Minister, a man who adamantly claims there is “scientific” research to “prove” that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, and that the world is 6000 years old. Another example could be how Harper’s Minister of Science for 5 years, Gary Goodyear declined to say if he believed in evolution. That is example of why we need secularism, because irresponsible nuts who mix their beliefs in policy cannot be relied upon.

To me, secularism would mean not mixing religion with politics or administration. There should be no hint of religious dictations in our policies or affairs. In addition, there shouldn’t be any tolerance for preaching/’recruiting’ at the work place or using government resources for religion related affairs.

That is not what the Quebec Charter of Values is doing. The solution in promoting secularism in our society, is not to intrude on how Canadian citizens feel they are morally required to dress, for their own personal reasons. To point a finger and say no woman can wear a Hijab (a simple hair scarf), and no Orthodox Jewish man can wear his religious requirements, is to then alienate many 1000s of educated potential workers.

I thought this country ruled some time ago that a Sikh RCMP officer (safe to say a Government Job), could wear his turban on the force, and that was protected by the Constitution?
So why is this even up for debate?



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