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‘Adventures in Loserville’ is a hilarious blog created by two 20-something Aussie lesbians with far too much time on their hands. They poke fun at their life together in a loved-up yet semi-dysfunctional relationship. As they put it: “We moved in together soon after dating, without realising how annoying the other person actually is.”

Having learnt to respect each others insanity, they now enjoy a life filled with hand-holding, relaxing strolls along the beach, reading poetry by candlelight and other procrastinating activities which are slowly causing their lives to fall apart.

They currently reside in a town which has dubbed ‘Loserville’ by one of their homophobic parents.

In a blatant display of pride, they have decided to take back this name and shove their homosexuality into the faces of anyone who can be bothered reading their posts.

With articles such as ‘Shit My Girlfriend And I Argue About,’ ‘First-World Lesbian Problems,’ and ‘10 Reasons Why She Didn’t Text You Back’, their blog always guarantees a good, hearty chuckle.

“We are desperate for your attention and dare you to like us and follow us.”



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