transgender: someone who does not identify with their birth-assigned gender*

transsexual: someone who has, or is in the process of changing their
outward gender to match their spiritual and emotional gender *

two-spirited: an aboriginal term to describe someone who contains aspects
of both the male and female spirits*

genderqueer/ non-binary: someone who does not identify as being either male
or female

cisgender: someone whose gender identity aligns with their birth-assigned

gender identity: the internal sense of being spiritually a man or woman

gender expression: the external manifestation of someone’s gender identity

LGBTQ: an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/ two-spirited, and
queer/questioning; ideally, it encompasses everyone on the gender and
sexuality spectrum, including but not limited to asexual, genderqueer and
non-binary people.


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