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According to reports from inside Russian prison colonies, prisoners are forced to work for 17 hours a day in near slave-labor conditions.

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Stand Against Cruelty in Russian Prisons

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It was bad enough that the Russian government threw the members of the band Pussy Riot in jail for the “crime” of protesting. But the allegations about the horrific conditions inside those prisons are even worse.

One band member, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, is in Corrective Colony No. 14 in the Mordovia region, southeast of Moscow. She said inmates at the colony were forced to work up to 17 hours a day sewing police uniforms. She wrote in a letter to her husband that workers received no more than four hours sleep a night, and prison officials used senior inmates to enforce order in a system reminiscent of Soviet-era Gulag forced labor camps.

Tolokonnikova shouldn’t even be in prison in the first place. But no one deserves to be worked to near-death, no matter what they did to end up in jail.

It’s clearly time for a neutral third party to step in on behalf of Russia’s abused prisoners. Tell the United Nations Human Rights Council to inspect Russian prisons and stop this cr uelty immediately.


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