Family defends sex change for seven-year-old

A family are defending their decision to start sex change treatment for
their seven-year-old.

The child was born a girl. But her parent’s say it is a biological mistake
and they are already raising her as a boy.

“He’ s actually a boy that was born in a girl’s body,” said “Linda” , the
child’s mother.

ONE News has chosen not to identify the child. For the past year she has
been publicly living the life of a boy, who ONE News called “Jason” .

“He did start wearing boys’ clothes when he was about three, and down to
the underwear,” said “Steve” , the child’s father.

His parents say Jason would often tell them he wasn’t a girl.

“It never really became apparent to us that he may be anything other than a
tomboy until he turned round to us and said, ‘I want to die’,” said Linda.

It kick-started Jason’s parents into finding out more about his gender

The next step will be in a few years when they plan to use puberty blockers
– drugs to stop the onset of female puberty to better enable his transition
into becoming a male.

“Being a male, having to grow breasts and menstruate like a female – what
mental and psychological trauma is that going to put him through, when he
can go on blockers and not develop as a female?” Linda said.

But it is a strategy that concerns New Zealand’ s first openly transgender
MP, Georgina Beyer.

“My fears are that this child may have some medical intervention put upon
them at a time when they have little to do in the decision making,” Ms
Beyer said.

Ms Beyer says a seven-year-old is far too young to know what is best.

“I have of heard stories from people in the inter-sex community who wished
that they hadn’t been re-assigned their gender at birth when they had no
control whatsoever.”

A psychologist ONE News has spoken to said no child can know what adult
life is like. They have no real experiences to draw on. He said feelings of
gender confusion are common but many youngsters grow out of it during

Jason’s parents say they are just doing what Jason wants and the drug
treatment can be reversed with no harmful effects.

A transgender activist, Andy Guy, is praising their stand.

“I think this family is doing a very good job to support their child in an
environment that is going to challenge them immensely,” he said.

Jason’s father Steve said: “If something happens in the future and he wants
to back out of it or wants to present himself as a female later in life,
that’s absolutely fine.”

But for now, a little girl tackling life is a boy.

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