Parents support seven-year-old daughter’ s gender change

The parents of a seven-year-old New Zealand girl who identifies as a boy
plan to facilitate the child’s inclination by having him injected every
three months to medically stop puberty, as an initial step to sex change.

But the country’s and world’s first openly transsexual member of
parliament, Georgina Beyer, has questioned whether the child is old enough
to make the decision, the Sunday Star-Times reports.

From age three, the child wore boys’ clothes, threw tantrums and did not
want to play with other girls.

“Some time in September or October last year we started getting the odd,
‘I’m not a girl, I think I’m a boy and I wish I was dead’,” the child’s
mother said.

The parents sought professional help, the child changed his name to a boy’s
name and the parents pulled him out of a Christian school when the
principal expressed concern over the identity change.

He told the newspaper he sometimes gets teased at school, “(they) just say
things like ‘wrong toilet’ and I go ‘no’ .”

Ms Beyers, who identified as a girl aged three, said, “I don’t think a
seven-year-old has enough life experience to understand precisely what
they’re doing. I think it’s better a person gets to puberty and through

Decisions being made are “serious” and the “natural inclination of this
child should be nurtured and encouraged”, Ms Beyer said.

The child’s family remains supportive “and the safest path for him is love,
acceptance, tolerance and support,” his mother said.

Source: Sunday Star-Times <
http://www.stuff. health/9249148/ Born-in-the- wrong-body>

Author: Matt Khoury. Approving editor: Matthew Henry.

© ninemsn 2013

http://news. au/world/ 2013/10/06/ 16/07/parents- support-six- year-olds- sex-change



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