Pro-trans music video from Matt Nathanson is a hit

New video from pro-LGBT singer features a transgender love interest
06 October 2013 | By Ashlee Kelly
New trans-positive music video by Matt Nathanson is a hit.

A new music video by American singer Matt Nathanson which shows a transgender person in a positive light has proved to be a big hit.

The video for his latest track, ‘Kinks Shirt’, features Nathanson starting a romance with a beautiful young woman, who he sees wearing a top with the logo of famous 60’s rock band ‘The Kinks‘.

After chatting with her in the street, Nathanson ends up in a bar where he watches his new love interest dance.

In the middle of her act, she takes off her top – revealing a male torso.

Nathanson is unfazed by this, and continues to applaud her as she finishes her routine, before kissing her at the end of the video.

The revelation that the woman is trans may be a reference to the famous Kinks song ‘Lola’ – about a man falling for a transvestite.

The video has become a hit with Nathanson’s fans – particularly the trans members of his fan base.

Nathanson shared a message he received on Facebook from a fan on Instagram, which he said: ‘This kinda made my year’.

It read: ‘Matt Nathanson, you are a beautiful light in this world, what this video means to me, as a genderqueer chick who calls the trans* community home, cannot be expressed in words.

‘You are an amazing ally, and I so love you for it.’

Nathanson has a history of showing support to the LGBT community.

Last year he released ‘Modern Love‘, a ‘celebration of San Francisco‘, which features gay and lesbian couples.

Watch the music video for ‘Kinks Shirt’ here:

– See more at:


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