Ban Anti-Gay Russian Politicians from Entering Canada

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LGBT Russians are suffering from terrible violence because of their sexual identities. Canada has to take a stand against these human rights violations today.

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Ban Anti-Gay Russian Politicians From Entering Canada

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Since Russia passed its draconian anti-gay laws, which include the ability to jail citizens for supporting LGBT rights, anti-gay violence in the country has skyrocketed. Canada must show Russia that it can’t abandon its LGBT citizens like this.

Since the anti-gay laws passed, Russian activists report that anti-gay groups have used social media to lure LGBT Russians to meetings where they’re humiliated on camera. Sometimes, the anti-gay groups pour urine on the LGBT Russians. Sometimes, it’s much worse. And for the most part, the Russian government has done nothing to stem the tide of this hatred.

It’s time that the Russian politicians responsible for some of the most oppressive legislation felt the consequences of their choices. Verbal condemnation of such laws is not enough in the international arena, especially when Russia is set to host the Winter Olympics next year.

Ask the Canadian government to ban the Russian politicians who supported anti-gay laws from entering Canada until further notice.

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