Murdering Animals Isn’t a Game

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In the new Grand Theft Auto video game, every animal is a potential target for slaughter. This is an awful message to be sending young adults.

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Stop Promoting Violence Against Animals!

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In the new Grand Theft Auto video game, every animal the player encounters has a proverbial target painted on its back. The arguable message for young gamers: killing animals is fun, not a tragic accident.

It’s true that most people who play video games won’t take their violent messages to heart. But some Grand Theft Auto fans have already stolen cars and gone on joyrides to try to replicate the thrill that they get from wreaking havoc in the game. And even gamers who wouldn’t, say, beat up a random woman on the street (another reprehensible feature of the game) might decide that swerving to kill a fox is an easy, legal way to live out their GTA fantasies.

It’s perfectly possible to create an enjoyable video game without resorting to graphic violence. Ask Rockstar to stop promoting animal abuse in its games immediately!

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