Grosbeaks where are you?

Have you seen this bird Evening Grosbeak 1

Nature Canada’s citizen scientists perhaps even you have noticed something troubling. Out our kitchen windows, at our backyard birdfeeders, on our telephone wires…

Where are the Evening Grosbeaks?

The stark reality is that this Boreal bird’s population has declined by a staggering 78% in the last 40 years. Mind you, they are better off than some other species of birds. As we confirmed in the State of Canada’s Birds Report, aerial insectivores (birds that catch insects in flight) are declining more steeply than any other group of birds.

22 of the 26 species that breed here in Canada are declining, with swifts and swallows showing the most alarming changes. In the Maritimes, common species have declined by 70%. In the Great Lakes Region, some have declined by a staggering 95%.

In some cases, the declines can be traced to habitat loss from logging, mining, drilling or other forms of industry. Scientists also believe that climate change, as well as reduction in insect numbers due to pesticides could be factors.

Further research is urgently needed to identify the causes of these declines so that we can take appropriate conservation action.

Will you make a special gift today to Nature Canada? Your gift will go to work furthering this important research, and you’ll help us inspire more citizen scientists to stay connected with the nature they see in their backyards and communities.

  • Your gift of $45 pays for us to share information about species-at-risk with citizen scientists across Canada from school education programs to tip sheets for what you can do at home!
  • Your gift of $54 pays for one of our volunteers to band birds, monitoring their progress and reporting it back.
  • Your gift of $100 pays for high-power binoculars for an Important Bird Area (IBA) Caretaker.
  • Your gift of $200 funds vital research into the decline in aerial insectivores and other birds.
  • Your gift of $450 pays to train 10 volunteer IBA Caretakers in the fieldWill you please give today? Your gift will go to work in your province and across Canada!


Yours for nature,

Ian Davidson Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson
Executive Director
Nature Canada



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