I am back with Dmilo and Gandaulf, Boo has gone missing she darted from the acerage at Johnny’s Lake Estate, off Parkland Drive- 52502 Range Road 25, Alberta Canada. She ran off on and around the end of October and the first week of Novembernduring our first hit with snow and cold. If you wish to help to find her post the location and the following description to sites that you may know of for finding lost cats.

Boo Bear, female black feline 7 lbs. 0 oz. 7-8 years of age she has a tattoo in her right ear #TSC3993. She is a diva with attitude. She is a Domestic short hair, face looks Siamze.

If anyone hears about her please email me at axcellazed@yahoo.ca .

I had been homeless from October 30 to November 27th. I stayed at WEAC(Women’s Emergency Centre,

Weac near Edmonton, Alberta


9611 101A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

May I suggest making a donation to WEAC via E4C even make a donation of kind or give sometime, on my behalf in thanks for keeping me off the streets.

I have been in my new home since November 27. I am renting the main floor of a house in the Bonnie Doon area of Edmonton, Alberta.

Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre, Edmonton, AB  Map of Business

The boys are loving it. We have boxes in the living area, where the living room/dining space/studio space are. They love boxes as most cats do so they are exploring the boxes and the rest of our home. There is a basement suite with another tenant in it. My landlord lives in Surrey, B.C., he is a very decent fellow.

Today is my weekly home time to work in my studio and around the home.

I invite you to mark on your calendar Saturday December 21 from 1-4 pm for my first Winter Solstice Open House.  We will take time to hear the story of Winter Solstice then at 4pm call the Sun to come back, I will then light my winter Solstice candles to encourage the sun to come back as well to provide extra light for the very long night ahead of us.

As we come to a New Year let’s Every year, 762 young Canadians commit suicide — the equivalent of an entire high school. Most who die by suicide or attempt suicide face mental health challenges.

We can’t ignore kids at risk of suicide. Tell the Canadian government we need to get kids the help they need to prevent suicides.

Today, only 25% of children and youth with a mental health problem or illness will receive treatment. Those who need mental health care are often unable to access such services unless their families have the resources to pay for the services privately.

We need Canadians to speak out and tell the government to take action for kids with mental illness whose families cannot afford treatment on their own. Our young people deserve it.

Write to the Canadian government asking them to help kids and work to prevent suicides.

Canada is at the point where suicide can no longer be ignored. There are 762 deaths by suicide by young Canadians every year.

Please sign the petition today! Get Youth at Risk of Suicide the Help They Need!

take action
Climate Change's Biggest Threats Are Those We Aren't Ready For: Report

Climate Change’s Biggest Threats Are Those We Aren’t Ready For: Report

t f Continue reading

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