Here are a couple nuggets dedicated to dads

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Happy Father’s Day, Upworthians! Here are a couple nuggets dedicated to dads, and every kind of family out there.

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These Dads Are Proof That Being Brave And Tough Doesn’t Always Look How You Think It Will

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Watch A Real-Life Modern Family Form In 3 Minutes And 31 Seconds

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Louis C.K. Admits Some Things About Being A Father That Most Men Would Never Say Publicly


Dr. Michele Angello to release a Trans 101 guidebook

Dr. Michele Angello to release a Trans 101 guidebook to parents,
family, and communities of Transgender youth
by Mari Haywood, Trans Issues Intern at GLAAD

On June 12, Dr. Michele Angello, a clinical sexologist and gender
specialist will be releasing “On The Couch With Dr. Angello: A Guide
to Raising & Supporting Transgender Youth.” On The Couch with Dr.
Angello is a Trans 101 course book that will help parents, families,
and communities of Trans-identified children navigate through society.
Dr. Angello has over 14 years’ experience working with gender variant
youth and their families and knows first-hand how important education
is after a child or family member comes out as transgender.
Recognizing that when “a single child comes out, their entire family
will transition, along with their community,” Dr. Angello has made the
book an all-inclusive expose of the “journeys parents, teachers,
pastors, children and medical professionals take to support gender
variant youth.” Dr. Angello will take the reader through “real life
situations of transitioning in public, coming out in school/work,
dealing with family dynamics and hormone therapy.”

In conjunction with the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, Dr.
Angello will be hosting a book launch event on June 12 at 6:30 PM in
the William Way LGBT Center. Dr. Angello will do a book reading
followed by a Question and Answer session. For more information visit
Dr. Angello’ s website: http://micheleangel and to pre-order a
copy of the book visit:
http://micheleangel order-your- book-today/

http://www.glaad. org/blog/ dr-michele- angello-release- trans-101- guidebook- parents-family- and-communities- transgender- youth


Celebrate Mother’s Day with an e-card!

 Send a Mother's Day e-card (Photo by Don Dabbs)

Dear Axcella,

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th. Celebrate your mom, grandmother, wife, sister or aunt by making a gift to Mother Nature in her name.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an e-card!

You can schedule your e-card for delivery on Mother’s Day, or send one right up to the last minute to ensure that your thoughtful gift arrives in time.

This is a wonderful way to show the mothers in your life how much you care about them and how much you appreciate Mother Nature.

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Thank you so much for supporting the Nature Conservancy of Canada‘s work across our country!


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