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US right wing author compares trans people to anorexic girls and terrorists

David Kupelian, an editor with the gay obsessed far right website WND, has compared transgender people to anorexic girls and children subjected to terrorist indoctrination in attacking psychiatry and LGBT rights

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Singapore’s ‘mean spirit

Bystanders react with disparaging comments about transgender people
13 October 2013 | By Sudeshna Sarkar

A lovers’ tiff that developed into a vicious assault is being regarded from a different perspective in Singapore – because the attacker happens to be from the transgender community.

The incident occurred in February 2012 when William Hanz De Veyra Arriesgado, a 25-year-old Filipino living with a 47-year-old Australian, Colin James Peady, had an argument in a pub.

Angered by the quarrel, Arriesgado charged into Peady’s apartment, stabbing him several times with a knife.

When Peady tried to flee the apartment, he was slashed in the back repeatedly with a metal fork and a pair of scissors.

Arrested and charged with assault, Arriesgado was in the dock Monday with a district court hearing the case.

The assistant public prosecutor has sought minimum two years’ imprisonment for Arriesgado, saying his reaction was out of proportion and the attacks were ‘brutal, relentless, and sustained’.

Arriesgado faces a maximum up to 10 years in prison and a fine or caning.

The Filipino, who has pleaded guilty, is scheduled to appear in court Thursday to make a plea for the mitigation of his sentence.

While some public opprobrium is inevitable in an act of violence like this, the incident also exposes the latent lack of public sympathy for transgender people.

Surprisingly, a lot of the disparaging comments are from young people.

Hayati Porter, a college goer’s take on the report of the attack was to say, ‘Ha ha ha. They may looked (sic) like a woman but they still have the strength of a man.’

Somebody commenting as Tia Sarah said: ‘Transgender are fake women. Women outside but a man inside. Don’t play play with them, ah.’

Some of the censure was also directed at Peady, an ang mo, or foreigner, and the fact that he could not ‘get a real woman’.

A woman called Alica Wills said: ‘Serve the ang mo right. Got no real girls is it’ while somebody posting as Doodlebugger Larry said, ‘Go, Aussie.’

However, there were some who took up cudgels on behalf of the community, like Kelvin Wong, who said he was a colleague of Peady.

‘People can be so mean-spirited towards people they don’t know,’ Wong said. ‘This could have been anyone, please do take time to know more transgender people and understand them before you make any judgment on them. People are just so mean nowadays.’

The reactions come less than a month after a transwoman, Fanny Ler, made a public appeal for understanding, saying, ‘We are not freaks of nature.’

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Clinic for transgender youth opens at Toronto’ s Sick Kids hospital

TORONTO – A new Toronto clinic for transgender youth is seeing its first patients today.

The clinic at Sick Kids hospital has officially opened and administrators
say it will help fill an important gap in care for teens with gender

Gender dysphoria is diagnosed in people whose gender identity doesn’t match
their anatomical sex.

Sick Kids says gender dysphoria is relatively rare, but increased awareness
and acceptance has led more teens to identify as transgender.

It says while there are two mental health clinics that provide the
diagnosis in Toronto, the Sick Kids clinic is the first in the city to
focus on medical care for transgender teens.

The hospital says without proper care, transgender teens can experience
“negative consequences” such as mental health issues and risky behaviour.

Patients will work with an interdisciplinary team to ensure they get
counselling and in some cases, will receive hormone therapy to prevent the
changes associated with puberty, the hospital says.

The team includes physicians specializing in adolescent medicine and
endocrinology, a nurse practitioner, a nurse and a social worker as well as
children’ s mental health organizations.

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Transgendered people face strife at the doctor’s office

By Morgan Dunlop, CBC News

After years of self-questioning, hormone treatments and surgery, Chase
Ross, 22, is now legally a man.

Ross was born a woman but always felt like something wasn’t quite right.
After finding a network of transgendered people online, Ross figured out
what was wrong.

Homerun: hear the full story here
homerun/ 2013/10/10/ prejudice- at-the-doctors- office/>

“I realized this has to be my life. This has to be me for me to be happy,”
he says.

Since coming out as a transgendered person, Ross has discovered that some
of the hardest things to deal with are the most unexpected — like what

happens at a visit to the doctor’s office.

Tips for transgendered people seeking medical treatment

• Prepare what you are willing to talk about.
• Prepare a response for questions you’re not willing to answer. For
example: “If we could focus on only the parts of my medical history that
are relevant to this complaint, I would feel much more comfortable. “
• Come with an open mind. Each medical professional is an individual.
• If you’re denied service, send a letter alerting the medical

“To add on to society’ s hate, you have to deal with the doctor — the people
you’re supposed to trust. It’s not fun,” he says.

Ross says he’s routinely asked irrelevant questions about his sexuality,
name change and genitals.

However, he says one of the worst experiences was being refused treatment
during a recent visit to a psychiatrist.

“She basically just went off on how she doesn’t know how to deal with
anything trans-related, because it’s not her field of expertise. That kind
of hurt because I wanted immediate help,” says Ross.

As an advocacy worker with Concordia University&# 39;s Centre for Gender
Advocacy, Gabrielle Bouchard counsels hundreds of transgendered people in
Montreal. She says Ross’s experience is not unique.

The most common complaints she hears include medical professionals refusing
to address a patient as the gender he or she identifies with, asking
invasive and unnecessary questions, and — in some cases — refusing

“People will say, ‘I would rather die than go back and be misgendered or
feel unsafe. So I will die of pneumonia before I will go back to the
hospital,’ ” says Bouchard.

The head of the Gender Variance Program at the Montreal Children’ s
Hospital, Dr. Shuvo Ghosh, agrees with Ross and Bouchard.

He says transgendered people often face hurdles in accessing services
because health care professionals feel uncomfortable in their presence.

As a member of the McGill University teaching faculty, Dr. Ghosh says there
is little sensitivity training for health care professionals when it comes
to treating transgendered people.

“The trans population is the last really, truly marginalized group that’s
being prevented from getting adequate health care. It’s biases and
prejudices about what a trans person is, and that completely clouds any
proper clinical judgments,” says Dr. Ghosh.

If people in the transgender community refuse to seek medical attention, it
will inevitably burden the system by flooding hospital emergency rooms with
complaints that could have been prevented, Ghosh says.

Ghosh says medical professionals can help improve the situation by making
their patients feel comfortable and explaining why they’re asking relevant

However, he says it will likely be up to transgendered people to advocate
for themselves. He says anyone who is denied service or made to feel
uncomfortable should send an official letter of complaint to the health
care establishment.

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What It’s Like To Be A Transgender Teen?

 In wake of the CW network developing a new show about the life of a transgender teenager, HuffPost Live sat down with several teens who identify as transgender last week to discuss their experiences.

One transgender teenager, Ryan Cassata, stressed the importance of educating one’s parents about transgender issues as crucial to gaining a system of familial support for one’s gender identity.

Phoenix Schneider, Project Manager at Contact USA, highlighted the need to portray a diverse range of transgender experiences that don’t fixate on violence or trauma:

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that there is a huge transgender community. There is a diverse range of gender identities and there are folks that don’t identify exclusively as male or female — man or woman. I think it’s really important to portray this in the media and have positive representation as well. It’s certainly important to share and educate folks around the reality — the real experience of a trans, genderqueer, non-binary person. Certainly there is more than just negative –there’s so many positive experiences and I think it’s so important to make sure that we’re including those experiences as well in the media.”

Check out the clip above for more from these inspirational trans teens and to watch the full segment head here.

15 Things To Know About Being Transgender By Nicholas M. Teich

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Survey for Canadian Transgender community

This is HUGE. The first of its kind. A nation wide (Canada) needs assessment survey. From Canadian AIDS Society (CAS), so there is obviously a section on HIV… but so much more. We all know the need of statistics to get our advocacy moving forward. Pass this on to all your contacts. It is for everyone under the new Trans* umbrella (transsex, transgender, genderqueer, intersex, gender fluid, etc, etc.). Let’s get this out there…

Hi Trans Community Advisory Committee members,

Thanks to all your fabulous work, the Trans* survey went “live” yesterday afternoon at 4:30.
Here are the links to the survey.

The English link is:
The French link is:

Trans* Needs Assessment Survey – 0%

Trans* Needs Assessment Survey –


Professor forced out of job at Christian college after coming out as trans

Professor forced out of job at Christian college after coming out as trans

Trans theology professor ‘asked to leave’ after working at the university for 15 years
22 September 2013 | By Ashlee Kelly
Trans professor H. Adam Ackley forced out of job at Christian college.

A professor at a Christian college in California has been forced out of his position after coming out as transgender.

H. Adam Ackley had taught theology at Azusa Pacific University for 15 years.

However, since coming out as male in the last year, he had been asked to leave by the university – despite being midway through a five year contract.

Speaking on the issue, Ackley said: ‘I did not get a sense directly from the individuals with whom I was speaking that they had a theological problem with transgender identity.

‘I did get the message that it has to do with their concern that other people, such as donors, parents and churches connected to the university will have problems not understanding transgender identity.’

The university had previously refused to cover any medical expenses on the transition, including chest surgery and hormones.

Since leaving APU, Ackley says he has received offers from other universities and institutions to teach or consult.

A spokesperson for APU has declined to comment on the issue. However, Ackley will be meeting with lawyers to decide the best course of action.

Ackley’s sudden departure has shocked his students.

Joseph Reyes, a student at APU, said: ‘He instilled a new-found faith in my life and I was devastated to learn about his dismissal.’

A deeply religious Christian, Ackley had struggled with his gender identity his whole life.

Speaking on his difficulties, he said: ‘I tried to conform to Christian womanhood as best I could.

‘[I was] told by my spiritual advisors and then spouse that recovery, sanity and preservation of my family required me to deny my now recognized transgendered identity. I once again struggled with self-medicating, self-injuring and self-starving of the female body during a suicidal relapse.

‘This is what Christian transphobia does.’

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