Tory MP Rob Anders: NDP ‘Bloodsuckers’ Want To Inject Kids With Heroin

With Halloween just around the corner, Conservative MP Rob Anders unleashed a scary story in the House of Commons this week.

And while private members statements — those speeches MPs give before the excitement of question period — don’t often get a lot of press, Anders’ rant is… something else.

Anders, who represents the riding of Calgary West, began Monday by saying Albertans fear a “repeat of scary National Energy program thinking.”

He claimed New Democrats, whom he called “socialist bloodsuckers,” want to institute a $21-billion carbon tax and “impale” Albertans with a gas hike tax of 10 cents a litre.

Then he took a thinly veiled shot at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

“There is this evil Liberal name that haunts us still and wants to hand out drugs to our kids,” he said.

Anders is seemingly referring to Trudeau’s support for the legalization of marijuana. Trudeau maintains that controlling, taxing and regulating the substance will actually help keep it out of the hands of children.

Then Anders turned to New Democrats.

“This ghost of the NDP wants to acquire heroin with taxpayer money and inject it into the veins of Canada’s children,” he said.

The controversial Conservative may have been referring to a recently closed “loophole” at Health Canada that allowed certain drugs, like heroin and cocaine, to be obtained for patients in exceptional circumstances under a federal special access program.

Conservatives brought forward new regulations to stop the practice earlier this month.

The ban came just weeks after Health Minister Rona Ambrose ripped her own department’s decision to authorize some B.C. doctors to prescribe heroin to 20 addicts for whom other treatments had failed.

Tories have since fundraised on the issue, saying the NDP and Liberals would make the program permanent if elected in 2015.

NDP health critic Libby Davies told iPolitics it was “sickening” to see Conservatives raise money on such an issue.

“I feel like this is a government that is abandoning any notion of public policy divisions, based on real evidence and expert advice,” she said. “Everything they do is wrapped in a partisan ideological message.”

Davies has said medicalized heroin maintenance has been used successfully and is part of treatment in places like Europe.

“It’s another example of the Conservative government ignoring sound public policy, driven by expert advice, and instead making decisions based on political dogma,” she said.

But Anders’ speech wasn’t all doom and gloom. He ended on a high note by speaking about something he doesn’t find scary — the Harper government’s trade agreement with the European Union.

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Grosbeaks where are you?

Have you seen this bird Evening Grosbeak 1

Nature Canada’s citizen scientists perhaps even you have noticed something troubling. Out our kitchen windows, at our backyard birdfeeders, on our telephone wires…

Where are the Evening Grosbeaks?

The stark reality is that this Boreal bird’s population has declined by a staggering 78% in the last 40 years. Mind you, they are better off than some other species of birds. As we confirmed in the State of Canada’s Birds Report, aerial insectivores (birds that catch insects in flight) are declining more steeply than any other group of birds.

22 of the 26 species that breed here in Canada are declining, with swifts and swallows showing the most alarming changes. In the Maritimes, common species have declined by 70%. In the Great Lakes Region, some have declined by a staggering 95%.

In some cases, the declines can be traced to habitat loss from logging, mining, drilling or other forms of industry. Scientists also believe that climate change, as well as reduction in insect numbers due to pesticides could be factors.

Further research is urgently needed to identify the causes of these declines so that we can take appropriate conservation action.

Will you make a special gift today to Nature Canada? Your gift will go to work furthering this important research, and you’ll help us inspire more citizen scientists to stay connected with the nature they see in their backyards and communities.

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Yours for nature,

Ian Davidson Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson
Executive Director
Nature Canada


Ban Gay Conversion Programs in Canada

care2 petitionsite actionAlert
action alert!
Gay “conversion” programs are ineffective and often abusive. It’s time for Canada to ban them.

Please sign the petition today! Ban Gay Conversion Programs in Canada!

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Dear Axcella,

Being gay is not a choice. It’s not a lifestyle decision. It’s not something you can will yourself to change. And that’s why it’s no surprise that gay “conversion” centres, which try to persuade gay people that they’re actually straight, just don’t work.

In fact, many experts say that gay conversion programs can also lead to severe depression, anxiety, and even suicidal tendencies, especially among young people.

Living Waters, for example, is a Christian program out of Toronto that claims it can “heal” gay individuals. It also costs $550. The leader, Dave Lawson, believes that God made us to only be sexually attracted to the opposite sex so homosexuals cannot exist. Living Waters is registered by the government and gets most of its funds from tax-receipted donations. This money has allowed them to start programs in churches all over Canada and allows the leader s of the organization to make from $40,000 to $79,999 a year. The leaders of Living Waters and organizations like it are essentially profiting off of people’s suffering.

Many countries are no longer supporting gay conversion programs. Please sign the petition if you believe Canada should ban them, too.

care2 Thank you for taking action,Kathleen
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Thanks for giving folks

“We are thankful for these and all the good things of life. We recognize that they are a part of our common heritage and come to us through the efforts of our brothers and sisters the world over. What we desire for ourselves, we wish for all. To this end, may we take our share in the world’s work and the world’s struggles.”
James Shaver Woodsworth (July 29, 1874 – March 21, 1942) was a pioneer in the Canadian social democratic movement. Following more than two decades ministering to the poor and the working class, J. S. Woodsworth left the church to lay the foundation for, and become the first leader of, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), a democratic socialist party that later became the secular social-democratic New Democratic Party (NDP).
1st Leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
In office
August 1, 1932 – March 21, 1942
Preceded by new party
Succeeded by Major James Coldwell
1st National Chairman of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
In office
Preceded by new party
Succeeded by Major James Coldwell
Member of the House of Commons of Canada
In office
October 29, 1925 – March 21, 1942
Preceded by new constituency
Succeeded by Stanley Knowles
Constituency Winnipeg North Centre
In office
December 6, 1921 – October 29, 1925
Preceded by George William Andrews
Succeeded by constituency abolished
Constituency Winnipeg Centre
Personal details
Born James Shaver Woodsworth
July 29, 1874
Etobicoke, Ontario
Died March 21, 1942 (aged 67)
Vancouver, British Columbia
Political party Labour Party (1921-1932)
Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (1932-1942)
Spouse(s) Lucy Staples
Alma mater Victoria College
University of Oxford
Occupation Author, lecturer, minister, secretary, social activist, teacher
Religion Methodism


Ban Anti-Gay Russian Politicians from Entering Canada

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LGBT Russians are suffering from terrible violence because of their sexual identities. Canada has to take a stand against these human rights violations today.

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Ban Anti-Gay Russian Politicians From Entering Canada

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Since Russia passed its draconian anti-gay laws, which include the ability to jail citizens for supporting LGBT rights, anti-gay violence in the country has skyrocketed. Canada must show Russia that it can’t abandon its LGBT citizens like this.

Since the anti-gay laws passed, Russian activists report that anti-gay groups have used social media to lure LGBT Russians to meetings where they’re humiliated on camera. Sometimes, the anti-gay groups pour urine on the LGBT Russians. Sometimes, it’s much worse. And for the most part, the Russian government has done nothing to stem the tide of this hatred.

It’s time that the Russian politicians responsible for some of the most oppressive legislation felt the consequences of their choices. Verbal condemnation of such laws is not enough in the international arena, especially when Russia is set to host the Winter Olympics next year.

Ask the Canadian government to ban the Russian politicians who supported anti-gay laws from entering Canada until further notice.

care2 Thank you for taking action,Kathleen
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Transgendered people face strife at the doctor’s office

By Morgan Dunlop, CBC News

After years of self-questioning, hormone treatments and surgery, Chase
Ross, 22, is now legally a man.

Ross was born a woman but always felt like something wasn’t quite right.
After finding a network of transgendered people online, Ross figured out
what was wrong.

Homerun: hear the full story here
homerun/ 2013/10/10/ prejudice- at-the-doctors- office/>

“I realized this has to be my life. This has to be me for me to be happy,”
he says.

Since coming out as a transgendered person, Ross has discovered that some
of the hardest things to deal with are the most unexpected — like what

happens at a visit to the doctor’s office.

Tips for transgendered people seeking medical treatment

• Prepare what you are willing to talk about.
• Prepare a response for questions you’re not willing to answer. For
example: “If we could focus on only the parts of my medical history that
are relevant to this complaint, I would feel much more comfortable. “
• Come with an open mind. Each medical professional is an individual.
• If you’re denied service, send a letter alerting the medical

“To add on to society’ s hate, you have to deal with the doctor — the people
you’re supposed to trust. It’s not fun,” he says.

Ross says he’s routinely asked irrelevant questions about his sexuality,
name change and genitals.

However, he says one of the worst experiences was being refused treatment
during a recent visit to a psychiatrist.

“She basically just went off on how she doesn’t know how to deal with
anything trans-related, because it’s not her field of expertise. That kind
of hurt because I wanted immediate help,” says Ross.

As an advocacy worker with Concordia University&# 39;s Centre for Gender
Advocacy, Gabrielle Bouchard counsels hundreds of transgendered people in
Montreal. She says Ross’s experience is not unique.

The most common complaints she hears include medical professionals refusing
to address a patient as the gender he or she identifies with, asking
invasive and unnecessary questions, and — in some cases — refusing

“People will say, ‘I would rather die than go back and be misgendered or
feel unsafe. So I will die of pneumonia before I will go back to the
hospital,’ ” says Bouchard.

The head of the Gender Variance Program at the Montreal Children’ s
Hospital, Dr. Shuvo Ghosh, agrees with Ross and Bouchard.

He says transgendered people often face hurdles in accessing services
because health care professionals feel uncomfortable in their presence.

As a member of the McGill University teaching faculty, Dr. Ghosh says there
is little sensitivity training for health care professionals when it comes
to treating transgendered people.

“The trans population is the last really, truly marginalized group that’s
being prevented from getting adequate health care. It’s biases and
prejudices about what a trans person is, and that completely clouds any
proper clinical judgments,” says Dr. Ghosh.

If people in the transgender community refuse to seek medical attention, it
will inevitably burden the system by flooding hospital emergency rooms with
complaints that could have been prevented, Ghosh says.

Ghosh says medical professionals can help improve the situation by making
their patients feel comfortable and explaining why they’re asking relevant

However, he says it will likely be up to transgendered people to advocate
for themselves. He says anyone who is denied service or made to feel
uncomfortable should send an official letter of complaint to the health
care establishment.

Copyright © CBC 2013

http://www.cbc. ca/news/canada/ montreal/ transgendered- people-face- strife-at- the-doctor- s-office- 1.1959100


Breaking: The Bay’s workers are dying

 A deadly factory fire has just broken out in The Bay’s supplier factory in Bangladesh. Already, 10 workers are dead.
Tell The Bay to commit now to stop future factory disasters and sign the Fire and Safety Accord today!

Sign the Petition


Breaking: we’ve just learned that earlier today, a deadly factory fire broke out at one of The Bay’s supplier factories in Bangladesh. Already, 10 bodies have been recovered, and it’s unknown what the ultimate death toll will be.

Import records we’ve just obtained show that the most recognized clothing brand in Canada, The Bay, is one of the factory’s customers. For months, The Bay (or HBC as it now brands itself) has been refusing to take action to prevent disasters just like this by signing the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord. And now, Bangladeshi workers are paying the price with their lives.

We need to tell The Bay now that we won’t tolerate this any longer. The media is only just picking up this story — let’s make sure that as the news breaks, tens of thousands of Canadians are already speaking out to demand action. Let’s honour the workers who lost their lives today in the best way we can, and get The Bay to sign the Fire and Safety Accord now.

The Bay — don’t let more Bangladeshi workers die. Sign the Fire and Safety Accord now!

The Fire and Safety Accord that The Bay is refusing to sign could have prevented this fire. Under the Accord, factories will undergo fire and building safety inspections, mandatory repairs and renovations, and creates an obligation for companies to help pay for the necessary safety upgrades. It won’t fix everything overnight — and another company who has signed the Accord is also implicated in this fire. But the Fire and Safety Accord is the only credible plan to stop future disasters — and The Bay won’t join.

For months, hundreds of thousands of supporters have joined a global call to demand that clothing companies pay a few pennies more per shirt to make sure their workers are safe. And many companies have responded — days after thousands of Canadian supporters asked Joe Fresh to take action, the Canadian clothing brand signed the Fire and Safety Accord, along with companies like Benetton, Zara and H&M.

But The Bay is throwing its lot in with Walmart and Gap and refusing to sign the Accord. Incredibly, Walmart and Gap earlier praised the Bangladeshi firm responsible for this disaster as a “top supplier”. These are the blockers who The Bay is standing with.

Until The Bay acts, the Bangladeshi workers who make its clothes will keep dying, as at least ten did today. We can’t let this go on. We cannot stand by. Let’s make sure that The Bay and the media hears us loud and clear as this story breaks.

Tell The Bay to sign the Fire and Safety Accord now and stop future factory disasters, and to compensate its victims.

Thanks for all you do,
Angus, Paul, Kaytee, and the team as

More information:
Bangladesh garment factory fire kills at least 10 people, CBC, 8 October 2013.

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