Topless no; headless yes?

Topless women aren’t allowed on Facebook. But bodiless heads now are.

Facebook is no longer removing videos or images of people being beheaded, even as they continue to ban women for posting pictures of them breastfeeding. But what’s going to scar you more — seeing a woman’s breast or seeing someone butchered before your eyes?

This move isn’t just stupid from a PR standpoint — it’s also horrifically irresponsible, giving access to this traumatic footage to anyone with a Facebook account. Please join us in urging Facebook to reverse its policy and ban photos and video of beheadings now.

PETITION TO FACEBOOK: News sites already spread the word about the horrors of mass beheadings. Posting photos and images of beheadings will only scar kids and exploit these people’s deaths — please resume the ban against them now.

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These Children Shouldn’t Be Forced Into Slavery

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More than 80,000 Care2 members have voiced their support for slavery-free chocolate from Warner Bros. Thank you so much for being one of them.

Unless we speak up against products that are made with forced child labor, companies will continue to operate as is, turning a blind eye to child slavery in favor of a larger profit margin. Will you help us get the message through to Warner Bros. by asking your friends to sign the petition too?

Instead of going to school, some children are working long hours in cocoa bean fields. They are punished with beatings if quotas aren’t met. We can prevent them from having to suffer from these abuses.

By taking a stand against modern slavery, Warner Bros. will protect these children as well as set a precedent for other companies. That’s why it’s crucial that you send an email to your friends and family, share the petition on Facebook, and send this tweet to ask your network to support the cause.

Here’s a quick message you can copy and send to rally support:

Hi –

Even today, companies throughout the world still rely on child labor to make cheaper products. Behr’s Chocolates, the chocolate supplier for Harry Potter’s famous Chocolate Frogs, could be one of them. Warner Bros. continues to use this supplier even though it has taken virtually no action to ensure its production is slavery-free. Thousands of children are forced to work – and often beaten – in cocoa bean fields. That’s why it’s so crucial that we let Warner Bros. know that chocolate made with child labor is just not acceptable.

Tens of thousands of people have already asked Warner Bros. to ensure that its chocolate is slavery-free. We need to keep this momentum going, or Warner Bros. will continue to turn a blind eye to child labor. That’s why I signed this petition to support slavery-free chocolates, and I’m hoping you will too. Here’s the link:


care2 Thank you for taking action,

Roseanne C.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


Singapore’s ‘mean spirit

Bystanders react with disparaging comments about transgender people
13 October 2013 | By Sudeshna Sarkar

A lovers’ tiff that developed into a vicious assault is being regarded from a different perspective in Singapore – because the attacker happens to be from the transgender community.

The incident occurred in February 2012 when William Hanz De Veyra Arriesgado, a 25-year-old Filipino living with a 47-year-old Australian, Colin James Peady, had an argument in a pub.

Angered by the quarrel, Arriesgado charged into Peady’s apartment, stabbing him several times with a knife.

When Peady tried to flee the apartment, he was slashed in the back repeatedly with a metal fork and a pair of scissors.

Arrested and charged with assault, Arriesgado was in the dock Monday with a district court hearing the case.

The assistant public prosecutor has sought minimum two years’ imprisonment for Arriesgado, saying his reaction was out of proportion and the attacks were ‘brutal, relentless, and sustained’.

Arriesgado faces a maximum up to 10 years in prison and a fine or caning.

The Filipino, who has pleaded guilty, is scheduled to appear in court Thursday to make a plea for the mitigation of his sentence.

While some public opprobrium is inevitable in an act of violence like this, the incident also exposes the latent lack of public sympathy for transgender people.

Surprisingly, a lot of the disparaging comments are from young people.

Hayati Porter, a college goer’s take on the report of the attack was to say, ‘Ha ha ha. They may looked (sic) like a woman but they still have the strength of a man.’

Somebody commenting as Tia Sarah said: ‘Transgender are fake women. Women outside but a man inside. Don’t play play with them, ah.’

Some of the censure was also directed at Peady, an ang mo, or foreigner, and the fact that he could not ‘get a real woman’.

A woman called Alica Wills said: ‘Serve the ang mo right. Got no real girls is it’ while somebody posting as Doodlebugger Larry said, ‘Go, Aussie.’

However, there were some who took up cudgels on behalf of the community, like Kelvin Wong, who said he was a colleague of Peady.

‘People can be so mean-spirited towards people they don’t know,’ Wong said. ‘This could have been anyone, please do take time to know more transgender people and understand them before you make any judgment on them. People are just so mean nowadays.’

The reactions come less than a month after a transwoman, Fanny Ler, made a public appeal for understanding, saying, ‘We are not freaks of nature.’

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Nobel is not noble any more

Monsanto & Syngenta executives will soon be rewarded with The World Food Prize, a prestigious award known as “the Nobel Prize of agriculture.”

Tell The World Food Prize Foundation not to reward these awful companies.

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In an obscene development, a Monsanto executive is winning this year’s “Nobel Prize of agriculture” — the prestigious World Food Prize — for creating GMOs. Receiving it legitimizes the sort of rampant genetic modification Monsanto pioneered, and helps validate a ruthless business model that impoverishes farmers and monopolizes our food.

If that wasn’t baffling enough, the founder of Syngenta, the same biotech giant joining Bayer in suing Europe to keep selling bee-killing pesticides, will also win the prize — and with it, a share of the $250,000 prize money. We cannot allow this prize to legitimize frankenfoods and bee killers. The ceremony is in just over a week, so we need to act now.

Tell the World Food Prize Foundation not to reward Monsanto and bee-killer Syngenta’s outrageous practices.

Winning this prize will encourage the wider use of genetically engineered crops and be a huge obstacle to those fighting to investigate the long-term effects of its frankenseeds — which is exactly what Monsanto wants. In 2008, Monsanto made a $5 million pledge to the World Food Prize Foundation, part of its plan to buy the credibility it can’t legitimately earn. By handing its benefactor this award, the Foundation risks undermining the credibility of the most respected prize in agriculture.

In protest, 81 Councilors of the World Future Council have penned a statement blasting the World Food Prize Foundation for betraying its purpose. In the words of the esteemed authors: “GMO seeds reinforce a model of farming that undermines sustainability of cash-poor farmers, who make up most of the world’s hungry… The most dramatic impact of such dependency is in India, where 270,000 farmers, many trapped in debt for buying seeds and chemicals, committed suicide between 1995 and 2012.”

Despite the criticism, Monsanto and Syngenta executives are set to receive their prize on World Food Day, October 16 — a slap in the face to everyone harmed by their products. We don’t have much time, so we need to publicize this obscene decision — if enough of us get word of this out, and let people know the World Food Prize is threatening its reputation, we can shame it into choosing a more suitable candidate.

Genetically-modified crops do not deserve the highest praise. Don’t reward Monsanto and Syngenta.

Thanks for all that you do,
Claiborne and the rest of us.

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More Information:

And The Winner Of The World Food Prize Is … The Man From Monsanto, NPR, 19 June 2013
Choice of Monsanto Betrays World Food Prize Purpose, Say Global Leaders , NPR, 26 June 2013

SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.


striking is not a crime

Striking is not a crime – free imprisoned Chinese labour rights defenders

Workers in China who organize in defense of their interests, go on strike or even petition to the government are fired, criminalized, arbitrarily detained in “black jails” outside the legal framework or sentenced to prison labour.

Wu Guijun, a migrant worker employed for 9 years making furniture at the Diweixin Product Factory in Shenzhen (southern China), has been detained since May 23 and faces criminal prosecution for defending the rights of his co-workers. Since his arrest Wu has been denied contact with his family.

Workers at the Hong Kong-owned factory sought negotiations earlier this year in response to concerns about production cutbacks and apparent preparations for relocation to another site in the Chinese interior. Seven workers were elected to represent them, including Wu, but the employer refused to disclose any information and rejected negotiations. In response, the workers downed tools on May 7 and petitioned the local government to intervene. On May 23, 300 workers were besieged by the police while marching to the City Government; more than 20 workers were arrested and detained, including Wu Guijun. All were eventually released except for Wu. According to his lawyer, Wu now faces criminal prosecution for “assembling a crowd to disturb social order”.


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adventures in loserville



Adventures in LoserLand Web page


‘Adventures in Loserville’ is a hilarious blog created by two 20-something Aussie lesbians with far too much time on their hands. They poke fun at their life together in a loved-up yet semi-dysfunctional relationship. As they put it: “We moved in together soon after dating, without realising how annoying the other person actually is.”

Having learnt to respect each others insanity, they now enjoy a life filled with hand-holding, relaxing strolls along the beach, reading poetry by candlelight and other procrastinating activities which are slowly causing their lives to fall apart.

They currently reside in a town which has dubbed ‘Loserville’ by one of their homophobic parents.

In a blatant display of pride, they have decided to take back this name and shove their homosexuality into the faces of anyone who can be bothered reading their posts.

With articles such as ‘Shit My Girlfriend And I Argue About,’ ‘First-World Lesbian Problems,’ and ‘10 Reasons Why She Didn’t Text You Back’, their blog always guarantees a good, hearty chuckle.

“We are desperate for your attention and dare you to like us and follow us.”