Topless no; headless yes?

Topless women aren’t allowed on Facebook. But bodiless heads now are.

Facebook is no longer removing videos or images of people being beheaded, even as they continue to ban women for posting pictures of them breastfeeding. But what’s going to scar you more — seeing a woman’s breast or seeing someone butchered before your eyes?

This move isn’t just stupid from a PR standpoint — it’s also horrifically irresponsible, giving access to this traumatic footage to anyone with a Facebook account. Please join us in urging Facebook to reverse its policy and ban photos and video of beheadings now.

PETITION TO FACEBOOK: News sites already spread the word about the horrors of mass beheadings. Posting photos and images of beheadings will only scar kids and exploit these people’s deaths — please resume the ban against them now.

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Harper’s secret

Harper is still pushing through his destructive CanadaChina FIPA trade deal. Now, a judge has sided with the government and ruled against the Hupacasath First Nation’s legal challenge. They’re ready to appeal, but they can’t do it alone — especially now Harper’s Conservatives are seeking $100,000 in costs against the Hupacasath.

Can you chip in $1 right now to help fund this vital appeal?

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Harper is still trying to ram through his secretive Canada-China FIPA trade deal. We’ve already delayed this disaster deal for months — but now it’s down to the wire in a crucial legal battle that could determine the future of our democracy.

Earlier this year, the Hupacasath First Nation took the Harper government to court to challenge FIPA, presenting a strong legal argument about its constitutionality — but the judge sided with the government. Incredibly, the judge discounted the testimony of the Hupacasath’s expert witness, internationally renowned Canadian professor Gus Van Harten — choosing to base his decision on testimony from the government’s witness.

But this legal battle isn’t over yet. The Hupacasath’s lawyers believe they have grounds for an appeal, and the Hupacasath are prepared to take this case to the next level.

The Hupacasath are ready to stand up for all of us, but they can’t do it alone — especially now that the Harper Conservatives have asked the courts to force the Hupacasath to pay over $100,000 in costs for the government’s legal team and expert witnesses.

Can you chip in just $1 now to help the Hupacasath fight Harper’s secretive Canada-China FIPA deal?

FIPA is a reckless investor deal that would expose Canada to unlimited risk from costly lawsuits in secretive tribunals and undermine the rights of our democratically elected governments for the next 31 years.

Historically, Canadians have not been forced to pay the government’s costs in constitutional challenges where the public interest is at stake. But now, our government is forcing Canadians to pay punitive legal fees for challenging them in court. They know the public doesn’t want this law, and they’re determined to stop any challenge to their agenda.

But the Hupacasath is refusing to be intimidated by this new hurdle. Their band council has agreed to appeal the judge’s ruling, but the appeal can only go forward if we can raise enough money for the costs and legal fees.

Over 8,000 of our friends at have already donated for this legal challenge. Now its our turn to step up. If we all give just $1 today we can cover the costs and fully fund the appeal immediately.

Click here to make a secure donation of $1 or more to stop FIPA’s assault on our democracy.

For the past year, Canadian SumOfUs supporters have fought FIPA at every turn. And we have gone further than anyone ever thought possible — this secretive trade deal was expected to be passed months ago, but thanks to our support, it still isn’t law. But we need to step up again and stand with the Hupacasath to fight Harper’s secret deal. Any money that isn’t needed to fund the Hupascasth’s legal case will be spent running other campaigns to defeat Harper’s evil FIPA trade deal.

Thanks for everything you do,
Angus, Paul, and the rest of us at

More information:

Judge’s decision, Hupascasth Frirst Nation v Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General of Canada, (PDF) Federal Court of Canada. August 26, 2013.
Hupacasath Disappointed with Federal Judicial Review of Canada-China FIPA, Union of BC Indian Chiefs. August 27, 2013

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striking is not a crime

Striking is not a crime – free imprisoned Chinese labour rights defenders

Workers in China who organize in defense of their interests, go on strike or even petition to the government are fired, criminalized, arbitrarily detained in “black jails” outside the legal framework or sentenced to prison labour.

Wu Guijun, a migrant worker employed for 9 years making furniture at the Diweixin Product Factory in Shenzhen (southern China), has been detained since May 23 and faces criminal prosecution for defending the rights of his co-workers. Since his arrest Wu has been denied contact with his family.

Workers at the Hong Kong-owned factory sought negotiations earlier this year in response to concerns about production cutbacks and apparent preparations for relocation to another site in the Chinese interior. Seven workers were elected to represent them, including Wu, but the employer refused to disclose any information and rejected negotiations. In response, the workers downed tools on May 7 and petitioned the local government to intervene. On May 23, 300 workers were besieged by the police while marching to the City Government; more than 20 workers were arrested and detained, including Wu Guijun. All were eventually released except for Wu. According to his lawyer, Wu now faces criminal prosecution for “assembling a crowd to disturb social order”.


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Google has blood on its hands

Google sells ivory through its site, threatening elephants with extinction.

Tell Google to adhere to its own policies and stop trafficking in ivory.

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The ivory trade is slaughtering elephants by the hundreds in horrific massacres that rip apart herds and leave orphaned calves to starve. But despite an official policy against selling products from endangered animals, Google still traffics ivory — taking money from ivory sellers to promote their products. Google offers thousands of ivory items on its shopping sites around the world. Its lax enforcement of its own policies allows unscrupulous sellers to find easy markets for illegal ivory. Google needs to stop this horrific practice today.

Call on Google to stop trafficking in ivory immediately.

Elephants are some of the most intelligent and social animals on the planet. They develop lifelong friendships, spend years raising their young, mourn their dead and weep at rejection. They’re also at enormous risk: the population of African forest elephants has plummeted 62% in the past decade. We must stop the ivory trade if we wish to save this species.

Studies show that a robust legal trade swells overall demand for ivory, resulting in poaching, more deaths, and increased risk of extinction. Google claims that it “takes down ads as soon as they are detected”, but the ivory trade has been a chronic issue on the website. The same ads appear day after day after day. Google is simply not taking its own role in the ivory trade seriously.

Google is only paying lip service to the idea of stamping it out, because Google doesn’t want the world to know that it has blood on its hands. If we, as its customers, can raise enough of an outcry, Google will dedicate itself to eradicating the ivory trade on its own site.

Tell Google to stop with the excuses, and stop selling ivory.

After years of declining elephant populations, the global ban on new ivory in 1989 caused elephant populations to surge back. But the short reprieve has ended, and in many countries elephant populations are once more dropping drastically. We need to end trade in all ivory, including older products, in order to ensure elephants remain here for our grandchildren.

Thanks for all you do,
Claiborne and the team at

More Information:

CCTV: Kenya urges world to impose moratorium on ivory trading to save wildlife 6 September, 2013
The Guardian: Google shopping adverts fuel ivory trade, conservation group warns 5 March, 2013

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Her Dad Thinks Being Gay Was Her Choice. The Words She Said Back? Couldn’t Have Chosen Them Better.

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Her Dad Thinks Being Gay Was Her Choice. The Words She Said Back? Couldn’t Have Chosen Them Better.

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The Food Pyramid Was Supposed To Show Us How To Eat. Why It Did That In The Worst Way.

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