Religious news

WATCH: Reza Aslan Is ‘Obsessed’ With Jesus The Zealot

“I’ve been obsessed with Jesus for a very, very long time,“ Reza Aslan confessed to HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, “I heard the Gospel when I was 15 years old and it just blew me away.”
Aslan, who became a successful evangelist in his youth, now identifies as Muslim. However his fascination with Jesus the person continues and inspired his new book, “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.” Continue reading…

Ramadan Reflection Day 9: Understanding Our Responses to Challenges

There is a sense of achievement that should stem from completing a day’s fast during the intense heat and long hours of the Summer, but the process and challenge of the fast can yield much more than that. Continue reading…

The Forward Takes a Look at the Lives of Transgender Jews

After a few Jewish LGBT advocates told me that transgender inclusion was the “new frontier,” I began to look more closely at how Jewish settings are welcoming trans Jews, and at how trans Jews are creating communities of their own. Continue reading…


Am I Trayvon? Zimmerman? Both?

Global society is complicit in structural discrimination, and we have all become actors in that process. Each of us has had our humanity compromised by the current power structure. On the other hand, we all regularly participate in a system that protects a select few, and we all play roles that contribute to the denigration of others. Continue reading…


Treasure Hunting in Turkmenistan
J-Lo isn’t the only one who went to Turkmenistan this summer. I was there too — but unlike J-Lo, I didn’t walk away a million dollars richer. But I did uncover something in the desert far more valuable — and priceless — than any sum of money. Continue reading…


How to Deal With Anger
In Jainism anger is also linked to karmic bondage. The higher the intensity of anger, the stronger the bondage and the more serious the impact on one’s destiny. Continue reading…



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